Quality Decalogue

  1. We want satisfied customers of the services we provide, this being the first objective of our company.
  2. Our quality objective is 100% correct service. They are our customers who make the quality of our services. Submissions should be on time without exception.
  3. All inquiries, requests for proposals, requests or complaints from customers must be managed quickly and effectively.
  4. You can only achieve maximum satisfaction of our customers, if all members of the company, from the less important since the most qualified staff are aware of this objective, contributing ideas, suggestions and comments to collaborate with this quality policy.
  5. All work must be completed properly from the beginning. Only thus improving quality and reducing costs to increase profitability.
  6. You have to limit not only the services do non compliant, but also their causes through corrective and preventive actions, implementing continuous improvement processes.
  7. We require our suppliers the highest quality in its management, based on the common objectives, given that the quality of our services affects the quality of contracted services to them.
  8. Procedures used to detect non-compliant services, and applied consistently and sequentially, as an exception, despite all our efforts, there may be the same.
  9. Achieve our goal of Quality means an effort and an important task that must be assessed in all departments of the company.
  10. Our quality commitments are binding, so that should be taken into account the particular requirements of each of our clients.



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